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Western Australia, 6107

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Opening Times
Mon-Fri: 8am-4:30pm
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Service Department

With over 25 years of motor cycle experience, Supercycles prides itself on customer loyalty with an industry reputation that speaks for itself.

Our workshop facilities include

  • Dyno jet 250i Dyno, an authorized DynoJet Tuning Centre
  • Dyno jet tuning link remapping
  • S & S VFI, an authorized Tuning Centre
  • Engine and transmission rebuilds
  • Handbook servicing
  • Wide tyre conversions
  • Customizing specialists
  • S & S authorized service

Rest assured when your valued motor cycle is in our care, it is treated with the utmost respect. Your peace of mind is knowing that all work is guaranteed and carried out by reputable tradesmen.

Dynojet 250i Dynamometer

Our Dynojet 250i Dynamometer is one of the best on the worldwide market today. An essential performance diagnostic tool, enabling us to provide our customers with the absolute best service options available for your motor cycle. It can accurately calibrate fuel injection maps as well as program your motor cycle to perform at its ultimate level.
Through the use of state of the art computer technology, our Dyno can quickly and accurately diagnose problems and effectively tune the fuel injected motor cycles. The automated software design allows the mechanic to complete tests quickly with a few key strokes. The results are rapidly displayed on a screen with a hard copy print out available.

With in-house Dyno training direct from Dynojet in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, our mechanics’ high level of technical skill is unsurpassed to none others in the motor cycle industry. This puts us at the front of the fuel injection race.

We are also an accredited S & S VFI tuning centre, in fact, we have
had a
Dynojet Dyno since 1993. Now that’s knowing your stuff !!!!

Whatever your motor cycle needs, Supercycles has the expertise to put your motor cycle first on the road. Maximise your motor cycle’s
potential, call us today to book an appointment.